Thursday, December 19, 2013

As the Needle Points 12/13

Since a lot of you have called to ask about the lawsuit, here's the recent rundown.
We filed ages ago for a change of venue to get the lawsuit moved out of federal court in New York and into court here. This should have been simple. However, they have tried every way possible to stop the change of venue - each time resulting in a new filing. This last month, they claimed my twin in New York was a large presence in my business and she lives in New York, so the case should stay there. As many of you know, my twin is on Wall Street. To trade on Wall Street, you have to file with the SEC listing each and every business you have an interest in. Needlepoint and my business are alien to her. We had the SEC send her filing over to the court and again refiled.  Total so far $52,000 and counting . Their lawyer is like the junkyard dog - incredibly aggressive. I wish he was mine.
More of you have wonderfully asked about Mom. She is an endless source of amusement. This will go down as the Christmas Mom stole Santa. Mom wouldn't join the whole family for Thanksgiving - too many people. I could not have her alone for the entire day, so I drove up to have breakfast with her. Mom has always considered herself the arbiter of good taste and hated crafts. On her table was a Santa made up of 3 flower pots glued together and painted to look like Santa. I commented on how cute it was and asked where she got it. Her answer floored me. " I stole it". She wasn't kidding. She said she walked past a room, saw 3 on the table, wanted one, none was around - so she took it. I reminded her that someone might do the same to one of her wonderful baskets she makes - not knowing what else to say. When I went back last week to visit, the Santa was gone. I asked about it and was told in a strange voice that she had returned it. Later, we were walking past the shop at Aldersgate that sells crafts made by the residents and there were 3 of the Santas for sale. I told Mom I was going in to buy her one. I was told not to bother - she didn't like them THAT much. She just took it because it was fun. I am hoping this is not the start of a crime spree by a 93-year-old. I'd hate to have to visit her in jail.
I  will try to have pictures up of the class projects by December 23rd. Here are the dates and descriptions - I'll post prices when I get the pictures up. Look under "Classes"on website.
Ongoing monthly mail-out classes:
1) A Victorian village with 4 Petei carolers, a lamppost, and several houses. Houses will be 4" by 7" tall. Not too big.
2) a beach theme group of ornaments -a crab, flamingo, pelican, sandcastle, beach tote, palm tree, flip-flops, a beach chair, a mermaid, a seahorse
Other classes:
Saturdays February 8 and 22 - 2 classes for the canvas by Lee we have named SHOOZE with 6 shoes,
  using 12 stitches from 10 till….
Saturday March 15 an Easter basket
Sunday March 23 - canvas painting from 1 till 5 at my house
Saturday April 4 - the Indian couple that are companions to the Pilgrims we did earlier
Saturday May 10th - a stand-up Statue of Liberty

I think from the fur on my gorgeous used-to-be feral cat it is going to be a good winter to curl up and stitch.   Later! Jane