Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a late Memorial Day thought

Since the main topic is needlepoint, I have enclosed a picture of what has become my favorite stitch - to be stitched either vertically or horizontally. Looks great either way. This was stitched over blank #18 using single-ply of Vineyard silk, so you can see it is a stitch that covers well. Triple Cashmere.
Now, thoughts on Memorial Day. Luckily, Memorial Day doesn't apply to my Veteran husband. I do, however, remember vividly my Uncle George - a Marine who fought on Iwo Jima and Saipan. He was awarded 2 purple hearts the day they gave him a dishonorable discharge. He was apparently fearless and saved many of his fellow soldiers time and again. However, the war made him a little crazy. Pre - post traumatic stress syndrome diagnoses. He came home. His exploits are the fodder of many many family stories. The one that I remember most clearly:
My wonderful grandfather - a devout Baptist, active in his church and in his community - had chosen to have a fling with a slightly sleazy woman who lived close to one of our funeral homes. The woman and her equally sleazy boyfriend decided to blackmail my grandfather. It would have been ruinous in that era.
The woman was awakened in the night with my uncle astride her and a bayonet at her throat. His words" You didn't hear me come in this time. The next time, mine will be the last face you see". The woman and her boyfriend left town.
Uncle George was handsome, fit , brilliant and tortured. He committed suicide. To me, he is a victim of combat. Here's to all the other victims who fell in war - one way or another.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Musings

OMG! I just downloaded a picture! How amazing is that! I won't tell anyone how long that took, but I think I did it!
This is what I accomplished during my forced "down time". I had been avoiding it because it is pretty big - a customer wanted to fill a wall and this was one of her favorite prints. See what a little surgery will do. The piece had 61 colors in it. I needed several days back to back and never could find them. Now I can share this way instead of just telling people "I promise - I really really did accomplish something this week." I am just glad that I don't have to stitch it!
Am leaving the shop now to deliver a canvas. Eunice - a love of a 90-year-old woman - has had her car taken away by her children. All of us understand this obsession - no needlepoint canvases to do, no stitching. How else to spend the time? Something none of us stitchers can imagine without cringing. So - I deliver.
Have a great weekend! I heard my friend Jerry (he has stage 4 lung cancer) say to his brother who had told him to have a wonderful day - "EVERYDAY IS A WONDERFUL DAY".

Thursday, May 24, 2012

getting started

All my customers know how much I hate computers. However, there seems to be much gained by blogging. Having had to stop in my tracks for surgery, I learned several things:
1) going to the bathroom at will is highly underrated
2) never pay bills or balance tour checkbook within a week of anesthesia
3) count on friends to feed you - not your husband
Today is my first day back in the needlepoint shop - HOORAY! I miss the day-to-day contact with my customers. I did however finally catch up on my reading - 6 books in this last week. If you want a laugh, read Georgia Bottoms. Good summer light reading.
I am actually going to start posting some of the canvases I do for customers. Noone but me and the particular customer ever sees those and they are usually the best ones!
Will try not to bore either of us. More later!