Thursday, December 13, 2012

As the Needle Points - winter 2012

Okay - I have not "blogged" lately - and now it's time for the newsletter rather than a blog.
The biggest news from the shop is not only that Doodles is still alive - but that she actually seems to be a little better. She still looks like a cat from Auschwitz, but she is eating and back to greeting the customers.
Linda got a new dog - this time a SMALL dog that doesn't tear her shoulder off or literally drag her down the street. This seems to be a true love match as opposed to the love/hate with the Portuguese Water dogs.
Randi is golfing on every beautiful day she can find - and I hate her for that.
Tasha is happy, happy, happy at College of Charleston (sniffle - we miss her here), and is working at Michael Kors there.
Megan hasn't won the lottery so she still has to work full time Family Dollar as an accountant - and luckily for me on Saturdays.
Moved Mom into assisted living, so I actually am breathing a little easier than I was and have a little more time than I had. Terry hasn't been in the hospital since August, so I consider that a coup.
Now for the sale news: TWO BIG NOTES. Not pictured on the "shop in the sky" are canvases from the 2 trunk shows we will have going on sale week: a belt trunk show and a trunk show from Dream House Ventures. Go to their website and look at all their different designers. If you fall in love with something and we have it in the trunk show, we will honor the sale price.
1) January 19th, Saturday - I am repeating the class on background stitches. It is almost full, so call early if you want to join us for that. The class will run $35.00
2) Halloween canvas of the month: Each month will have a different halloween character, so you will have a little "village" at the end. I plan to have a ghost, a vampire, a vulture, a witch, a black cat on a pumpkin, a house, a coffin with a skeleton, a mummy to start. Each month will be one canvas with a stitch guide and all the threads. They will run from $38.00 up to the house canvas which will probably be around $65.00 for the kit. I only have 10 coffins, so the size of the class will be limited and I already have 4 signed up. See pictures on website in a few days.
3) I am doing a second canvas of the month of crosses. Very fancy. Sizes will vary from 4" to 7". Some will have jewels, some all metallics, some a little more plain to allow for stitches. Costs for kits will run from $40.00. The ones with crystals will be a little more.
4) February 16th, saturday, I will repeat the class on Architectural stitches. Again. it will run $35.00
Have a safe and happy holiday season - and keep stitching!

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  1. I read, I snickered, I started a fund for bail money.

    Thanks for the laugh!